13: weed is not a drug

black dice - kokomo

peaches goes underground pro, uffie & feadz make money, woody loves the scarlett, apple goes leo, berlin bridgewise, more feadz, the crocker flashes, pharrell meets the dafts, kylie im megamix, monk im interview, weihnachtsdesignmarkt in der kirche, marylin vs. boys noize, leo was a virgin once, valerie gets dusty, riots in the disco, friendly battery on fire, more fake dust, weed is not a drug, black ghosts are too late, das pop goes disco too, usb turntablism, gorillaz do d-sides, the kim gets naked, test icicles go lightspeed, phoenix are in studio, weird robots, das netz killt das klima, stil in der villa, schaaf is the new kavinsky, the truth about justice, a future without torrents, frontal21 goes generalverdacht, is it the shoes, print 4-letter-words in gold, jahcoozi drops new shit, flow with samim, american sharks in iraqui rivers, shapiro's got the tune, curtis mixes some vodka for halloween, mr. me coyote, re:publica 08 is a critical thing, cocaine is a hell of a drug, tronik youth on and on and on, miro vs. joost, thrilling herve, was kostet berlin, germany loves the jens, eli likes to kiss, is it banksy, modular stylings and with love from berlin. ausserdem videos von und mit panda bear, roisin murphy, witchdoctor, aesop rock, liars, softlightes, magic numbers, go team, ariel pink, escalator, daft punk, apparat, the national, angus & julia stone und malcolm mclaren. ein schönes wochenende!

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