La Jeunesse Doree # 2

Christian Löffler - Pilot (DL)

Mitch - Flamboyant Night DJ Mix (DL)

Freitag Nacht legt der sicher schönste DJ der Welt, Mitch von Ki Records, im Stattbad auf.

"For the second Time, Stattbad Wedding will be home to the Golden Youth featuring a wide array of international new talents and fresh blood from all kinds of musical and visual arts.
This time hosting the Album Release Party of Swedish Band
"RAY OMEGA" Debut Perfomances by the "AFIA ASABRE PALAST ORCHESTER" and LESLIE CLIO as well as special LIveset by NU & RAZ O´HARA and a rare DJ Set by TOK TOKs Fabian,
an EXHIBITION and screening in the FOYER and many more exciting audio and visual performances for a long night of full sensory delight!"

Mehr Informationen gibt es via Facebook.


Ray Omega (Sweden/Berlin) - LIVE : SPECIAL ALBUM RELEASE GIG**
Olivia Anna Livki (Berlin/Warsaw) LIVE
RAZ O HARA & NU (BAR25 / Peru) - Exclusive "YOGI" Liveset!

Afia Asabre Palast Orchestra (Berlin) LIVE
TOK TOK DJ Set (toktokrecordings/Belrin)
Leslie CLio (Berlin /Hamburg) - Accoustic Live Set

Jason Anger * special live in Dub Set* (LJD / Berlin)
Mitch DJ SET (KI REcords / Cologne)
Tristen DJ Set (WHITE / Berlin)
The Golden Youth DJ Team ( Jason & Friends )
Marius Sahdeeq (Spielraum / Cologne)
LPLD (DSNLND / Berlin)

Visual Delight by
Invertierpark (Berlin) &
Courtney Fathom Sell
(SlumLord Productions /New Orleans, Louisiana )

Exhibition in the Foyer :
Karl Addison (Seattle / US)
Filippo Corato (Milano / IT)
Katja Kollowa (Berlin )
Constantin Scholz (FFM / Berlin)

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