15: her coming out broke my heart

dj blaqstarr & rye rye - shake it to the ground

cameo - word up (shokkaboy discotoy) (ysi) (hp)

hip cryptonites, beatles and lemons, burgers and cash, tasty finger food, talking to pat mahoney, no hashhash, no amphetamin, taping the uff, scandinavian backspin, hearts revolution remix contest, sum up the teens, how we ruin the music industry, the preacherman, taking the hostages' money, glitzy unicorns, charged with vandalism, more villains, frankly dope, radiohead does joy division, toxic cookies, pete in court with wino, cindy and mandy, part two of the gnb-talking, bros and girls, batteries at knight, danger, high voltage, weezer will do it again, is it girlish, gainsbourg done over and over, deacon and free ringtones, roule track by track, like whitenoise, futurecop everywhere, jesse rose does plastic, bend over, ecobook pro, you have to love her, jesse hustles on, god only knows what i'd be without you, chromatics do springsteen, victoria's spice, the klum is naked, be very afraid, captain berlin vs hitler, petit teens, a-trak does what he does, man like me, spitzer rolls with the punches, interviewing the crookers, being jacques lu cont, talking to digitalism, black strobe is manly, blanco, spank rock and mos def and why they talk about it, riots do have feelings, mick rock and your walls, engtanz 1975, nackte mädchen, get her off stage and disco dust lovin. this week's videos with six organs of admittance, talib kweli, pj harvey, van she, omnikrom, make model, queens of the stoneage, zzz, shout out louds, saigon, david e. sugar and velvet underground. einen schönen sonntag!

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    so tanz ich auch immer. GENAU SO