carnivalesque loveboat boredom

we haven't had loveboat boredom or bites of politics in quite a while for a reason: there's nothing worth covering. as well as in hollywood and germany the issue dominating the news are the strikes, and both the writers in hollywood and deutsche bahn and its drivers in germany care for the motion of the country. not even anne will's anticipated avowal to her chosen one seemed to be able to jolt the news.

so i'll just equip you with the rest of the sienna miller eye candy from pop magazine; you might already know the infamous nurse picture from the mag.

apart from that you might want to check out naomi campbell looking like hot 80s trash and copycat it for the weekend, keep yourself informed with news on "rocky - the musical", and after matt damon somehow managed to bribe people magazine for finally being called sexy by someone, take a look at what dlisted chants about the unsexiest men alive.

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  1. naomi campbell looks like a nina hagen gone minstrel. damn.