17: she never talked about sex

snoop dogg - sensual seduction

something olympic for the heart, remixing reznor, bottom line: fukkk offf, guestlisting and teenagers, robotnix turn pro, blogs against qerio, the original bloc party, hindu goddess, blue streets, more chrome, malen nach zahlen mit merok, kylie times twelve, because size does matter, plug in yuksek, big boobs and child, more for pluggin', villains mxing it up first time, kap10kurt gets tepred, sharks are my favourite animals, our darlings: spitzer, 90ies hiphop mixed to the max, happy tittsmas, dhs theorem, fresh glamour, dim vs brodinski, villains do daft punk, double diplo, felix cartal goes canada, plattform d in der pappelallee, ocelots for house music, murderers on rcrdlbl, spank aoki, the fder on hot chip, new cool kids, discodust does symbolone, teki on texas, print coburn, swedish twins in berlin, digital primates for digital shopping, the hipster on beards, crystal castles on their debut, let there be pulver for xmas, what berlin thinks (!) and how to spend your nights. other than that vids with lcd soundsystem (live), kate nash, the thermals, friendly fires, rita mitsouko, health, the white stripes, the cazals, big face, the broken hearts and sebastian tellier. ein schönes wochenende!

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