shen wei - almost naked

shen wei wuchs in shanghai auf und hat an der new york school of visual arts seinen master in 'photography, video and related media' erworben. das american photo magazine fasst ihn unter die 15 fotografen, die sie die "new generation of photo pioneers" nennt. ebenso ist er für das renommierte foto-magazin pdn einer der new and emerging photogrphers to watch in 2008. die auswahl der bei uns gezeigten bilder stammen aus weis serie 'almost naked'. seine inspiration und die zielsetzung seiner arbeiten beschreibt er wie folgt:

"growing up in mainland china, i was brought up strictly and conservatively, any untraditional and unconventional ideas of life-style can sometimes lead to misconceptions. i was numbed about the ideas of intimacy, sexuality, and love. since I moved to the united states, my needs for self-expression has grown. however, my curiosity about how others deal with their identity in what is a fairly open society like america has increased. as a result i started to photograph people and life in america.

th goal of my projects are to raise the question about human nature, about emotions, feelings, desire, instinct and identity, to reveal things that you can feel it, that are unexplainable but yet still solid. i am fascinated with exploring the complexity of emotional nakedness and psychological connection/disconnection, as it is often expressed not specifically but explicitly. certainly my photography is my perspectives and how i look at people and life in america. but most importantly, i want viewers of my work to make their own discoveries and judgments of my photographs."

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