12: what about that steak sandwich?

holy hail - cool town rock

no one wants the brit, gents for drivers, husky rescue remixes für lau, berlin gegen die medien, kylie vs. the braxe, klaxons have no doubt, i am kloot do it again, meet marcus graap, killing the rage with sebastian, berlin underwater love, michael wolf on magical urbanism, box on julien, love, war and riots, the p.h.a.r.r.e.l.l. does the h.i.v.e.s., don't do her name on youporn, goodies by banksy, the brit gets it hard, young designers meet the industry today (!), bibabidi goes mixtaping, kanye too, the teenagers really love the girl named scarlett, jake needs a lot of wärme, the battery provides fashion and covers, vader provides pink, stil in berlin introduces youth club, the girls learn about aoki, home taping tells THE story, the clit is the most important instrument, ruede has 3 dogs, fabric goes podcasting, the liars get out new demos, purple crush is fucking the dj, hamburg needs us, modabot interviewt fair fashion, crooked bees, die b-seiten der neuen rapture single, robots in disguise droppen ein neues album und wie man die mediathek leer laden kann. ausserdem videos von und mit bloc party, todosantos, glass candy, interpol, those dancing days, maps, editors, tegan & sara, smif n wessun, envelopes, the pack, jimmy eat world, jape, mum, matthew dear, modeselektor und !!!. ein schönes wochenende!

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  1. We don't know German.
    We don't know French.
    We don't know Spanish.
    We don't know English.
    We know that we love your blog.

    Carles from HRO