19: ein mann, der auf einem konzert ein feuerzeug in die luft hält, ist kein mann

tocotronic - mein ruin

wikipedia vs brockhaus, shoppen in berlin mit dem führer, revolte boombox, bitchee bitchee yayaya, bigface vs kylie, van she vs i am finn, liflelike vs sia, la riots vs justice, jens lekman for free, naive new beaters, bag raiders go crank, rakes for no money, panda on klever, klimt's got nice tits, pro robot with jesse and sinden, interviewing yuksek, rave on sweet hostage, jbees got an ultimatum, kings of leon vs chad hugo, contest for ocelot, glamour guest list, disco dancing with a touch, beetroots for free, burial raver, big, dirty and rhythmic, mode von studenten, diplo does spoon, danger mouse versus, yuksek remixing, hot chip vs jesse, kay l for free, bikinis und blitze, jessice wants to be naked, peta vs the olsens, gui boratto for free, bonde do role splitup, crimp yr hair, vicarious bliss vs cazals, tara reid is - wait for it - hot, battles vs four tet, mylo vs gunsnroses, teenagers have new ep, okkervil river mixtaping, new poney poney live track, cfcf like spanking, madonna is a bitch, new kitsune maison, quentin wants the lohan, matthew dear for free, i hate her, outrunners on valerie, sharks don't like cameras, bag raiders like kids, atlas sound for free, new tittsworth, pardon me, it's all mixed up, scanners for free, calvin and kylie, architecture in helsinki for free, ad is for ass, stephen malkmus talks trash, print ist tot und macs demnächst aus alu. these weeks recap comes with videos by super furry animals, old time relijun, in flagranti, phoenix, bangers and cash part one and part two, los camps, these new puritans, the thermals, the kills, lightspeed champion, the presets, robot high school and editors. ein schönes wochenende!

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