20: it's gonna be a happy christmas, yeah?

mia - paper planes

a little present for all wham christmas lovers:

richard gear - stop lovin you (ysi) (as always, click title to download)

the brit crashes her next wedding, for all the ladies and faggets, the gang's demos, feadz, we are terrorists, stil im picknick, friendly fires, outrunes wear anoraaks, on our next album, being addicted, liquid soulja, teens about ladyhawke, window shopping, dr dre oldschool mixtape, interviewing daft punk, tronik jakobiner, stephen falken for december, cut copy's sheer brilliance, uffie nude, dim people, tara is fine, bell clap dance, bro vs pop, data vs chromeo, them jeans vs kid sister, lohan turns gay, fader on persepolis, der raubkopierte bürger, streaming tocotronic, fishy shark victims, dusty delorean, lifelike partying and vids by the coral and pnau. ein frohes fest und auf bald!

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