darkside portraits

die pool galery stellt vom 28.09. bis zum 25.11. james gortners "darkside portraits" aus. am 27.09. findet zwischen 20 und 24 uhr die eröffnung statt.

"THE DARKSIDE PORTRAITS portray an allegorical look into the lives of the inhabitants of a Brooklyn crack house, who’s Madam is the neighborhood „Lyalorisha”, or Voodoo Priestess. It is in this dilapidated building, located next to an old cemetery in a region of Brooklyn called „Darkside”, where Gortner calls his studio, and spends countless hours amongst his subjects and the intimate details of their lives. The paintings are woven together like a fairy-tale of addiction, racism, deadly viruses, climate change, war and magic, Gortner employs a deeply humanistic approach in the use of symbolism to transcend his forlorn subjects into saints and martyrs."

mehr infos zu james gortner hier.

pool gallery
tucholskystr. 38
10117 berlin

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